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This.s.n expanded version of the story that appeared in the March, 2016 gemmy magazine. Web hosting by acquit . Website design and development by sire Design . Awards pros counsel networks and studios on high-stakes awards strategies. The Emmy® is awarded in eighty-six categories, including acknowledgements for series, performers and all other technical and creative areas. Living a double life comes easily to Holly Taylor.

This attention to detail, to the true craft of being a performer, as his daughter calls it, was largely the reason for the success of Danny Thomas legendary television series Make Room for Daddy (later titled The Danny Thomas Show, when Top Watch The Emmys 2013 Online The Emmys 2014 info from it switched networks from NBC to CBS during its lengthy run from 1953 to 1965). As a young kid, I sat in on so many of his writers meetings at home, Thomas recalls, and saw firsthand how they looked for the truth in every story. I learned so much from that. When working within the framework of a TV situation comedy, her father had told her, Every story has to have a beginning, middle and end. You need to tell a logical, credible story – and you need to do it in 22 minutes. It was all about maintaining respect for the audience, the elder Thomas would tell his daughter. Remember, the audience will follow you down any yellow brick road as long as you never lie to them. Once you go off that road, youve lost them. Always be honest, and never go for a joke or an easy laugh if it takes you off the road of your story. To this day, Thomas still treasures the memories of her fathers nightclub performances. He was so genuinely happy when he was on stage, Thomas remembers. His eyes would be on fire, light up, even dance. It was a tremendous thing to witness, and it impacted my work as an actor and producer. “It taught me that if you do something organically – straight from what you believe in – it will succeed, because its not coming from an external place, but rather an internal choice. Everything that I do stems from that same organic place. Danny Thomas would ultimately appear as a guest-star in two episodes of That Girl: My Sisters Keeper (2-6-69), in which he made a short cameo as a priest; and which also featured Marlos real-life sister Terre (playing a nun) and brother Tony (who would go on to become a producer of TVs The Golden Girls); and Those Friars (1-8-71), in which Marlo and Danny sang and performed together, and which also featured Milton Berle. While That Girl possessed all the typical trappings of a hit series – solid storytelling, pristine cast – the shows social underpinnings are what made it historic. Much of the series sprang from my consciousness of womens rights, and what I was going through and thinking about at the time, Thomas says. This level of awareness, was heightened after shed read Betty Friedans landmark nonfiction work, The Feminine Mystique, which was first published in 1963 and ultimately helped ignite the womens liberation movement in the 1960s.

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