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Roger Williams R-TX and Rep. “The FDA’s menu-labeling requirements are, at their core, fundamentally unworkable,” said McMorris Rodgers. House Republicans will support this Dommon sense, fiscally responsible approach. How WAS that money spent? We did this with every contact we had with voters through KYCaucus.com.

The Caucus was heldto elect delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio this July and wasa huge success. It was a well-organized event that wouldnot have been possible without the hard work of the volunteers. TheMass GOP and I would like to share our sincerethanks to:Natick Town Moderator Frank Foss, Nancy Northgraves, Mike Linehan, Kelly McPherson of Natick, Ed McGrath, Jake Binnall, Carol Sanchez, Gene Novack, State Committee woman Janet Leombruno of Framingham ,Kris Briggs, Janet and Ken Rush, Andrea Blakemore and Terry Hendrix of Ashland Democracy was orderlyand professional due to all of your hard work. Thank you, now onwards toCleveland! Jon Fetherston Chair of Fifth Congressional District Republican Caucus ***

New Information On Major Details Of Republican Caucus

One of the events official florists is a minority-owned business, she noted, and said the RNC is trying to highlight minority-owned nationalrepublicancongressionalcommittee’s National Republican Congressional Committee @ nationalrepublicancongressionalcommittee.spartanburgclassaction.com small businesses as it does publicity for the event. That said, Sean Jackson, who heads the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, shared Childss concerns that the RNCs tiny black outreach indicated it wasnt making the necessary investments to reach out to black voters. The RNC does not have a vested interest in black America, he said. I dont say that in a malicious or degrading or vindictive manner, I dont mean that at all, he added. It has been part of the normnormal culture for so many years, of not engaging the black community, that that engagement continues to remain nonexist. Until the RNC is willing to make a number of hires and invest serious finances in reaching out to black voters, he added, nobody should take their overtures to the contrary seriously. Black outreach takes money just like outreach for any other community does, Jackson said, and of all of the funds and resources that are spent by the RNC, very few to minimal to nothing is spent in the black community. Nobody expects Republicans to do particularly well with black voters. But several gubernatorial candidates cracked double digits with them in 2014, including Chris Christie and John Kasich. George W. Bush won 11 percent of the black vote in 2004, 2 percentage points better than he did in 2000.

It Has Been Part Of The Normnormal Culture For So Many Years, Of Not Engaging The Black Community, That That Engagement Continues To Remain Nonexist.