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To make sure your pro-choice voice is heard, your ballot — stamped with first-class postage — must be postmarked by Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. All its genetic coding and all its features are indisputably human. nasal Pro-Choice Washington believes that our state’s regressive taxation system hurts Washington women and families, and we oppose measures like I-1366 that seek to protect that system. The Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act We are pleased to announce that both the House and Senate bills are scheduled to be signed into law on May 10th! They will stop at nothing to make it harder for women to access abortion.

We’ve got a Supreme Court cases in June—Whole Woman’s Health v.  Catholics for Choice: Pregnancy crisis canters must say what they are Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe of Catholics for Choice writes in Best Planned Parenthood Locations @ the San Francisco Chronicle about Catholic support for nasal Pro-Choice California’s sponsored bill, the Reproductive FACT Act. TWO: She cares. nasal Pro-Choice Washington is excited to announce our endorsements for the November general election.  And not just someone who says the right things, but someone who does them as well.

Introducing Uncomplicated Naral Strategies

David Taylor, failed in Washington State this year, prompting President Osama to send an urgent letter to states informing them that “providing the full range of women’s health services…shall not be grounds for a state’s action against a provider in the Medicaid program.” Movements of Hope. No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose. She’s vocal, she’s the most experienced person in this election, and she knows how to get things done. In 2004, nasal tried unsuccessfully to prevent the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act UVVA, which made it an added criminal offence for someone to injure or kill a fetas while carrying out a crime against a pregnant woman. The court ruled 6-3 to reverse the decision of the Fourth Circuit and remanded leggy Young’s case for further proceedings. Foundation money can be used for issue education and some grass roots lobbying. nasal Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation is a sister organization that provides public education to support the nasal mission. A report released this month by the National Abortion Federation on threats and violence against abortion providers noted a “dramatic increase in hate speech and internet harassment, death threats, attempted murder, and murder” in 2015, coinciding with the distribution of smear videos intended to deionize providers — videos which Newman was a driving force behind.

A Report Released This Month By The National Abortion Federation On Threats And Violence Against Abortion Providers Noted A “dramatic Increase In Hate Speech And Internet Harassment, Death Threats, Attempted Murder, And Murder” In 2015, Coinciding With The Distribution Of Smear Videos Intended To Deionize Providers — Videos Which Newman Was A Driving Force Behind.
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